Russia becomes the first country to successfully test the corona virus vaccine


For the first time in the world, Russia has successfully completed a successful trial of the corona virus vaccine. The successful trial of this vaccine was carried out on 13 July at Sechenov University. Let us tell you that countries around the world are taking help of their scientists and medical staff to find the … Read more

Three Live Strains Of Corona virus Found In China But None Of Them Matched With Covid-19

Whan Virology institute found the three live coronavirus strains

City where the COVID 19 first emerged has three live strains of the bat corona virus on-site, but none of them match to the exact contagion wreaking chaos worldwide, as per the director. Everyone thinks that the Corona virus emerged from the Wuhan Wet market and later it claimed the lives of the 340,000 people … Read more

Corona Virus Vaccine Candidates In Clinical Trials: Vaccine Will Be Available Soon

Who Annouched 3 Volunteers under the clinical trial for Corona virus vaccine

Everyone Afraid of this Nobel Coronavirus and nobody knows how long it would be with us. On the other hand where our Corona warrior putting their life on stake, on the other hand the government officials are trying to make the vaccines for this. According to the Who Officials They are trying the vaccine on … Read more

China Is The Origin Of 5 Deadly Virus It Should Stop: Us Advisory Officials

Donald Trump

Everyone is undergoing the Coronavirus pandemic, and it has a huge impact on the US, The death ratio is far more than any other country, and us president claiming that china is the main cause of this, as it started from the wet market Wuhan. According to the Us National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said, … Read more

A Single Person Infected 533 Other People Corona Positive At A Factory

Nana Akufo Addo

One Infected Fish messed up the entire pond and this is proved by the fish processing plant in Ghana. According to the country’s president Nana Akufo Addo Said, hundreds of factory workers at a fish processing plant have been found positive for the coronavirus and all 533 people get infected from one worker at the … Read more