Major events of 24 August in Indian and world history

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The Major events of 24 August in Indian and world history are as follows:

1215: Pope Innocent III outlaws Britain’s historic Magnacarta.

1456: The first copy of the Bible from a machine printed in Germany is known as the Gutenberg Bible.

1600: Hector, the first ship of the East India Company, reached the coast of Surat.

1690: Job Charnock laid the foundation stone of the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata).

1814: British personnel set the White House on fire

1816: The Treaty of St. Louis signed in St. Louis, Missouri.

1820: A constitutional rebellion ended in Opoto Portugal.

1853: New York chef George Crum made potato chips for the first time.

1891: Thomas Edison filed a patent application for a kinetographic camera and a kinetoscope. This technique later became a film.

1908: Birth of revolutionary Rajguru.

1954: Brazilian President Getulio Vargas committed suicide after resigning amid deep political equations.


2000: Famous musician Kalyanji passed away.

2008: The 29th Olympics ended in Beijing.

2014: Hollywood veteran actor Sir Richard Atbarra passed away.

2015: American football player and coach Charlie Coffee passed away.

2019: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Union Minister Arun Jaitley passed away.

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