Who is Parle G Girl? Everything You Need to Know About Her Story

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Parle G Girl Mystery: I remember when I was young, I love eating Parle G biscuits. Not only me, but my parents also loved it. So many years passed, so many changes happened in society but what never changed is the popularity of Parle G Biscuit. Parle G is a well-known brand in India. It used to be the favorite biscuit of the 90’s kids. Everyone likes to have it with Chai or milk. The Parle G biscuit brand is giving competition to many brands even today. Parle-G was established in 1929. With all these things, one thing is also in controversy that who is Parle G Girl?


Although Parle has launched its other products it did not make any changes to the other Parle-G Taste.


According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2011, it is one of the largest selling brands in the world. Have you ever wondered, who this little girl is? We are watching this photo for so many years so it is obvious if in your mind this question arises, what age she is now? Is she alive? If yes! Then what she is doing now? where does she live? But with these questions in the mind, we finish our biscuit and move forward in our daily work. But Today in this article, I will answer all your question related to this mysterious Girl.


Who is that Girl on Parle-G packet?

There is so much controversy about the featured little girl photo on Parle G Cover. Do you want to know about the mysterious Parle G Biscuit Girl? The girl on the Parle G packet is Neeru Deshpandey from Nagpur. According to a post on Quora where an anonymous user has raised a question on the identity of Parle G kid photo. The user further added that the photo was clicked when she was 4 years 3 months old. The photo is clicked by her father and then it grabs the attention of Parle G makers. They find it so adorable that they decided to put the photo of a cute girl on the Parle G Cover.

There is another source i.e. Parle G’s Wikipedia page that comes up with the name ‘Gunjan Gundaniya’ that tells the story of this cute Girl.


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At the time of the second world war when the allies and axis were blowing conch shells, Parle baked its first biscuit in India.


Parle G Biscuit Story

The owner of Parle, Chauhan’s family lived in Ville Parle, Mumbai, in 1929. They started a company named Parle. During the second world war, Parle baked his first biscuit. In 1939, Parle started selling its biscuits in India. Until 1980, Parle came up with the name ‘Parle Gluco’ biscuits. After some time, Parle Gluco changed its name to Parle-G. Firstly ‘G’ letter stands for Glucose itself. Letter Company marketed the biscuit with the tagline – Parle-G… G maane genius(G means genius). The cover photo that is appeared on the Parle packet was also being changed.


What is Her Age Now?

The Age of Girl on Parle G cover packet Now is 70 years (as in 2020). It’s been so many years that Parle G biscuit is still a favorite among kids and young people. The reason behind the popularity of this biscuit is its good taste and its affordable price. Parle G is a great snack to have with Chai and coffee.


How Parle G Girl Looks Now?

How the Parle-G mysterious Girl Looks Now

You will be amazed to see the latest pictures of her Now. According to media sources, Neeru Deshpandey is the chairperson of Infotech Company Infosys. According to Some media sources, the featured image of Parle G Cover is just a graphical image and not Neeru Deshpandey.

What is the Truth?

The Product Manager of the famous brand Parle G, Mayank Shah puts a full stop to all these allegations and news by saying the cover image of the Parle G Biscuit girl is an illustration created by a graphical company named Everest Creative in the 60s. The name of the artist who made this illustration is Maganlal Dahiya.

So if made a conclusion about this mystery so there is no real person’s photo on the cover of the biscuit packet. It’s all just a rumor cooked by people on social media. But after the statement of product manager Mayank Shah, all rumors got stopped. So I hope, I have cleared all the points about the mysterious Parle-G kid’s Photo.

Shaktiman as a Brand Ambassador of Parle-G

90’s Kids consider Shaktiman their superhero. That’s why makes the company made Shaktiman, the Brand Ambassador of Parle-G.


To Know more about Parle G Girl Watch this video:

I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot of interesting facts about Parle G girl from this article. well, I wouldn’t say much but this biscuit will remain our favorite always.

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