Do you remember Veerana Movie Fame Actress Jasmine Dhunna? Where is she now?

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About Veerana Movie Fame Mysterious Actress Jasmine Dhunna: Here, we provide true and real information about Bollywood’s bold and beautiful Veerana actress along with her Bollywood journeys, photos, etc.

In 1988, Ramsay Brothers made the horror movie ‘Veerana’. She became famous in this film. It is said that She has started receiving calls from the underworld. Many underworld dons wanted to meet her with the wrong intentions. Due to this, She left the country after getting upset.

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  • Producer-director ND Kothari introduced her in the 1979 movie “Sarkari Mehman“. The movie also starred Vinod Khanna and Amjad Khan. Music was given by Ravindra Jain.
  • Kothari made ‘Divorce’ in 1984. It was Vijayendra Ghatge, Sharmila Tagore, and Girish Karnad. She also had a role in it.
  • However, She became famous in 1988 with the horror movie ‘Veerana’. The Ramsay Brothers wanted a different face as the lead actress for this movie. For this reason, They cast her, who had the experience of acting in just two movies.

About Jasmine’s Horror Film Veerana

The film released in 1988 became Veerana and a spur-of-the-moment horror film. The actress played a very beautiful young girl who is infested with evil spirits. The story revolves around revenge and murders. The film also had many well-known actors like Vijayendra Ghatge, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and Hemant Birje.

Jasmine Dhunna Photos from Veerana Movie


Like many Bollywood celebrities, She was also a momentary sensation and disappeared from the headlines. Recently a video went viral reminding the viewers of this beautiful actress who never appeared after Veerana.

Where is She now, what happened on the release of ‘Veerana’?

  • It is said that after the arrival of this movie, She became very upset with the phone calls of the underworld. Because of this, She did not work in any movie. ‘Veerana’ was her last film. She then moved to America. There She married someone.
  • It is also said that after 1988 Jasmin settled in Jordan.
  • Some media reports have also said that this beautiful actress may not be alive anymore.

Suspense regarding name

  • Before getting a break in Bollywood in 1979, there is no strong information about what she used to do and where she lived.
  • It is said that her full name is Jasmin Bhatia. In some reports, She is also described as Jasmine Dhunna.

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