Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

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Of all the furnishings in a home, carpet experiences the most direct traffic which contributes to the accumulation of dirt and general wear and tear. It is important to keep the carpet clean and well maintained not only to keep it looking new but to increase its longevity. The carpet in the home should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home. Homeowners should be sure to vacuum the carpet at least once a week in between professional cleanings.

Benefits of carpet cleaning

1. Extends the Life of Your Carpet

One of the great benefits of a professional best carpet cleaning service is that it helps extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet and become trapped within the fibers which can eventually cause the fibers to break down and wear out. Removing this buildup of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet because dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty carpet than to a clean carpet. Best carpet cleaning is also one of the best carpet cleaning conyers ga based carpet cleaning company.
Professional carpet cleaners typically use cleaning methods involving hot water extraction to effectively remove debris from within the fibers and clean the carpet. Homeowners can also help reduce debris build-up in the carpet between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.

2. Contributes to a Healthy Environment

A clean carpet will contribute to a clean environment free of allergens.
Some dust and allergens that become trapped in carpet fibers can find their way into the air you breathe, where they can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by most carpet cleaning professionals eliminates these allergens so that they are no longer a health hazard and completely cleans the surface of the carpet.

3. Completely Removal of Dirt and Bacteria

While it is much easier to vacuum around the house than hiring a carpet cleaning service, a vacuum will only remove surface dirt. So all that debris that gets into the fibers will remain there until it gets professional treatment.
Over time, this will cause more wear on the fibers, degrading faster. The bacteria in carpets can also cause odor, making it difficult to breathe for people with asthma or allergies.

4. Removes Carpet Stains

Another great advantage provided by professional carpet cleaners is that they can remove tough stains. Using the hot water removal method, professionals are able to remove stains from all of the following:

Carpet cleaning can remove tough stains from alcohol, ink, pets, soil, and other sources.

  • coffee spill
  • dirt and mud
  • Ink
  • pet stains
  • wine red

After a professional carpet cleaning, you don’t have to worry about seeing ugly spots or being embarrassed in front of guests.

5. No Residue

While vacuums do not leave a residue, some carpet cleaning machines do. If equipment or products are old or cheap, they may be inefficient and leave some cleaning solution behind.

On the other hand, tools used by cleaning professionals are always updated and use commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting to a new condition. They also use hot water removal technology to get the best results, leaving the fibers free of all dirt and stains.

6. Reduces Traffic Lane Impact

Carpet cleaning can reduce the impact of traffic lanes, extending their lifespan in high-travel areas.

Areas of carpet that receive significant foot traffic, including hallways, living rooms, kitchens, etc., will wear out much faster than under bedrooms or sofas. This is because these areas are constantly being tracked for dirt, and you may have also noticed that these areas are darker than others.

But the benefit of carpet cleaning is that it will remove dirt and slow down these “traffic lane” effects. The dark areas of the carpet will be removed and the fibers will be restored.

7. Enhances the overall appearance of the room

Did you know that carpeting is the biggest addition to a room? It is also the one that gets the most use. It’s understandable, but many people don’t give much thought to how much dirt is being detected every day.

Although it may not be noticed at first, over time the room can look dirty and old just because of the condition of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning can not only keep the fibers fresh but can improve the aesthetics of the room.

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